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First Hot fire Test!


First Hot fire Test!


Hard work pays off! On Friday we successfully fired our 10kN engine for 5 seconds. The system performed as planned as we nearly hit the nominal operation point. We are now looking forward to testing for the full burn time of 15 seconds next week.

First Hot fire Test!: zum Video

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Today we prepared the system for our first hotfire test without any problems. However due to higher priority engine tests at the DLR facilities we were not able to conduct our own. We are therefore looking forward to test our 10kN hybrid engine for the first 5 seconds tomorrow #FingersCrossed

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Schöne Grüße zum Nikolaus!!

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Update #3: Today we successfully performed the first coldflow test on site. This test was an actual hotfire sequence with external ignition testing in safe distance, but without fuel grain. The running pressure in the LOX tank corresponded to the calculated value which will be used in the coming hotfire.

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Update #2 from Lampoldshausen The engine was pressurized successfully up to 40bar which is twice the nominal operational pressure. The test rig including the fluid and measurement infrastructure was completed as well. We are now ready for final system checks and coldflow (non-ignition) testing tomorrow!

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Today we arrived in Lampoldshausen to start our two week long test campaign. We test the 10kN Fullscale Hybrid engine (Battleship) we designed and manufactured over three years. The test bench and fluid system are already assembled and were pressurized to check leakages. Tomorrow we will finish the motor integration and put it on the test bench for pressurization. We will keep you posted!

勝者スピード賞: ワン、サード – Space Elevator


Our team won the Speed Award for the fastest climber at the Space Elevator competition in Japan! Big thanks to the organizers and to Vestner Aufzüge GmbH and Autoliv for supporting our project!

勝者スピード賞: ワン、サード – Space Elevator: zum Link

SPEC2017 one.third 168m


Unser Space Elevator Team bei der SPEC 2017 in Japan. Verfolgt sie auch über: http://spaceelevator.warr.de https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2_D_nBmwaY

SPEC2017 one.third 168m: zum Video

WARR EX-1 Launch Compilation


Our new video about the launches of the WARR EX-1 is online. Have fun watching! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB2VHu5eGlU&t=1s

WARR EX-1 Launch Compilation: zum Video

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Come and visit us at the ExpoAir!

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We are ready! Looking forward to testing our battleship engine in December!

European Space Elevator Challenge (EUSPEC)


EUSPEC 2018 - Sei dabei!

expoAIR Munich 20-22 Nov. 2017 – Messe München


Kommt vorbei und besucht uns bei der expoAIR in München nächste Woche! - Infos dazu findet ihr hier: https://www.expoair.de --- Come and see us at expoAIR in Munich next week! - Check it out: https://www.expoair.de

expoAIR Munich 20-22 Nov. 2017 – Messe München: zum Link

Cryosphere – Frigate Test 11


New test video is online!! Many thanks also to all the people who make this possible. https://youtu.be/kya-FYZ63mw

Cryosphere – Frigate Test 11: zum Video



Our attitude control and determination (ADCS) team is getting closer and closer to optimise our sun pointing algorithm 🔮

Timeline Photos


Letztes Wochenende beim Tag der offenen Tür in Garching. Als nächstes findet ihr uns auf der ExpoAIR 2017, vom 20.-22. November in der Messe München. Kommt doch mal vorbei! --- Last weekend at the Open doors event in Garching. Next you will find us at ExpoAIR 2017, 20.-22. of November at Messe Munich. Stop by!



Successful lift off of MOVE-ON Hydrogen project!




habhub tracker (high altitude balloons)



Today the MOVE-ON Summer School launches their high altitude pseudo satellite. Come by, we launch at 13:00 near the parking place at Garching Forschungszentrum (easy to find) or follow us on habhub! https://tracker.habhub.org/#!mt=roadmap&mz=17&qm=1_day&f=MOVEON&q=MOVEON

habhub tracker (high altitude balloons): zum Link



Ein schöner Artikel über unsere Satellitentechnik im Münchner Merkur. --- A nice article about our Satellite Technology by the German newspaper Münchner Merkur.

MOVE II: zum Link

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We made a new photo of the rocket group!!

Photos from WARR's post


Here are some pictures from the Cryosphere – Frigate Test 9 and 10. Thank you to all people who helped us making this possible.



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