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We made a new photo of the rocket group!!

Photos from WARR's post


Here are some pictures from the Cryosphere – Frigate Test 9 and 10. Thank you to all people who helped us making this possible.

Cryosphere – Frigate Test 9 and 10


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzuyGcQOtW0 After several enhancements on our subscale engine, we lit it twice on the first of July. We hit the design point of the engine and collected valuable scientific data. Preliminary fullscale hotfire is now in November - stay tuned!

Cryosphere – Frigate Test 9 and 10: zum Video

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This week Markus Brandl and Maximilian Bambauer were at the European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS) to represent the WARR Rocketry Department. There they published some test data from the subscale test campaign.

Photos from WARR's post


Last weekend 5 of our team members visited Copenhagen Suborbitals and Danish Student Association for Rocketry. Besides exchanging know-how on liquid rocket engines we also managed to enjoy the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Special thanks also to Lukas Spanier for arranging the visit.

Photos from WARR's post


We were invited to present our work at #CUBETechFair in Berlin last week. Many interesting conversations with start-ups and visitors from all over the world resulted in tons of fun! Brigitte Zypries, the German Federal Minister for Economics and Energy, visited our booth and Steve Wozniak chatted about the early days of Apple with CNN's Nina Dos Santos on the main stage. Thanks to the team of CUBEConnects for inviting us! WARR Hyperloop MOVE II

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Raketentechnik Kick-Off! Du wolltest immer schon mal "Rocket Science" machen? Jetzt hast du die Chance dazu, an unserer Hybrid-Rakete mitzuarbeiten, denn wir suchen neue motivierte Studenten für unser Raketentechnik Team. Das Kick-Off findet am Mittwoch um 17:00 Uhr im Raum MW 0608m an der TUM in Garching statt. Hier werden wir euch unser Raketensystem vorstellen und bei Bier und Brezen gerne eure Fragen beantworten. Schaut vorbei, wir freuen uns auf euch!

Photos from WARR's post


On the 4th of February, members of the WARR-Rocketry team held a presentation about the "Cryosphere" project for 125 STEM students and 6 faculty members from India. In addition, the LRT (Chair of Astronautics), that organized the event, held lectures about the satellite project "MOVE 2" and general space science. We were excited to introduce so many enthusiastic and interested students to our work, it's been a pleasure!

WARR Hyperloop


Our Hyperloop team needs more people to continue improving their winning concept! :) Join now!

WARR Hyperloop: zum Link

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Das Münchner Studententeam der Wissenschaftlichen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Raketentechnik und Raumfahrt (WARR) an der Technischen Universität München (TUM) präsentierte am vergangenen Sonntag bei Los Angeles den schnellsten Prototypen und gewann damit den finalen Lauf der vom Raumfahrtunternehmen SpaceX ausgeschriebenen Hyperloop Pod Competition. Glückwunsch!



Für alle, die noch nicht im Bett sind: die WARR steht kurz vor ihrem heißen Lauf des WARR Hyperloop auf der Teststrecke in Los Angeles. Der SpaceX-Livestream läuft bereits unter http://hyperloop.com Break a Pod!

Hyperloop: zum Video

Photos from WARR's post


The WARR-rocketry team is continuing to proceed towards a fullscale engine test in the project Cryosphere (DLR - STudentische Experimental-RaketeN STERN): A few days ago our first fullscale nozzle has arrived from manufacturing! Also we had our next successful ignition test of a 250mm Fullscale HTPB grain segment. This time we cooled the igniter and the HTPB grain down by liquid nitrogen to cryogenic conditions before ignition. The ignition system is now fully tested and ready to use!

Christoph B.


Today the WARR rocketry group successfully demolded the first Fullscale HTPB fuel grain! In a week-long process, 21 kg of HTPB were casted into a 1,5m long 3D-printed ABS mold. This first Fullscale grain will be lit up in our "Battleship" test bench engine of the Cryosphere project. Being fed with 3kg of liquid oxygen per second, the engine will produce 1 ton of thrust.



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