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It's been great to give you an introduction to rocket science! In the course of the 'International Summer Program 2018' at the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) of Xi'an in China, Marco and Felix were invited to teach young rocket enthusiasts the fundamentals of rocketry. Approximately 60 students listened to 12h of lecture while building and launching model rockets, assisted by the local rocket group. This was also a great chance to show what our "W" as in "wissenschaftlich" (scientific) means to us - we're more than 'grease monkeys'! ;) Thanks to Dr. Yi Li and the School of Astronautics of the NPU for the sincere invitation!

WARR Hyperloop


WARR Hyperloop


Congrats to our Hyperloop team that just won the Hyperloop Pod Competition. For the third time in a row!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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Am Mittwoch gegen 16:20 Uhr ist ein Ballon-Experiment der TU München an einem Fallschirm im Raum Deggendorf gelandet. Wir haben dabei leider kurz vor der Landung den Kontakt verloren und sind jetzt auf der Suche nach unserem Experiment. Daher hier nun die wahrscheinlichsten Landezonen als "TUM-Wandertipp" fürs kommende sonnige Wochenende: Wenn jemand etwas gesehen hat, wären wir über Hinweise sehr dankbar. Genießt das schöne Wetter und haltet draußen die Augen für uns offen! zum Link



Another cool WARR Project. Come and join the launch!

Cryosphere – Battleship Test Campaign


Cryosphere – Battleship Test Campaign


After 4 years of development, WARR performed the first hotfire tests of Europe’s most powerful cryogenic hybrid rocket engine. With 3kg/s of liquid oxygen massflow, the “Battleship” generates 10kN thrust for up to 15 seconds burn time. The design point of 20bar chamber pressure was nearly hit and valuable performance data was collected for further improvements. The two-week campaign included verification coldflows, ignition checks and four hotfire tests with 5s, 10s (2x) and 15s burn time. Special thanks to all members of the WARR Ex-3 Project as well as the members of the M11 Test facility at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Lampoldshausen for the support and guidance. This project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) during the STERN Project.

Cryosphere – Battleship Test Campaign: zum Video

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With this weeks final review at DLR, where we presented our campaign results, we have officially finished the STERN project. We are looking forward to continuing our WARR Ex-3 development.

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Ein weiteres erfolgreiches WARR-Jahr neigt sich dem Ende entgegen und das wurde von uns gestern gebührend gefeiert. Wir freuen uns schon auf neue Herausforderungen im Jahr 2018! All unseren Mitgliedern, Alumni, Freunden, Unterstützern und Sponsoren schöne Feiertage, ein frohes Fest und einen guten Rutsch! -- Another successful WARR year is drawing to a close and yesterday we celebrated accordingly. We are looking forward to new challenges in 2018! To all our members, alumni, friends, supporters and sponsors, we wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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