MOVE-ON Mission:


Since MOVE-II is approaching its end, in October 2017 the new project MOVE-ON was started. This project is about High Altitude Balloons (HABs). The goal is to develop new systems for small satellites and test them in
an environment similar to that in space. Throughout this project students can acquire (first) experiences developing hard- and software. A new HAB Launch is to be conducted every semester so the seperate components will be tested.
The idea is that the systems will gradually become more mature and reliale so they can later be used in a small satellite mission.
During Summerschool in 2017 the first Balloon Mission, MOVE-ON Hydrogen was successfully launched.


About 35 students from the fields of informatics, physics, electrical and mechanical engineering participated in the first project. The system was designed very simply then, the focus was on getting experience with a HAB.
The students also developed a scientific and a technological payload in the context of student research projects. Part of the funding for the project was provided by Singronic GmbH, who developed another payload.
The duration of the flight amounted to two hours and the Balloon reached an impressive peak height of 35km. During flight, insightful data and breathtaking photos were captured.

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Since winter semester 17/18 subsequent missions MOVE-ON Helium are in development.


A bigger team currently works on the new systems, which are constantly improved by new added features. The long-term goal is to develop powerful and reliable
hard- and software for a subsequent satellite mission.


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