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Hyperloop is a safe, sustainable and efficient high-speed ground transportation system conceived by Elon Musk. The concept is based on the transportation of a pod carrying passengers and goods through a low-pressure tube. To demonstrate its technical viability, WARR Hyperloop, a self-organized, multi-disciplinary team of around 35 members from the Technical University of Munich, works with passion and enthusiasm to design and build some of the first sub-scale prototypes of this new transportation system.  

 WARR Hyperloop Pod 1Hyperloop Competition Trophy

The first team made it to the final round of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and had the opportunity to test its pod in January 2017. The WARR prototype was one of only three pods to be allowed onto the test track and the only one to reach the end of it. For this achievement, the team was awarded with the main prize for the Fastest Pod, as well as the prize for Best Performance in Flight.

 WARR Hyperloop Pod 2WARR Hyperloop Team 2

A second competition was announced back in August 2016 and is planned for August 2017. A new team is creating a brand new prototype, which will be lighter and considerably faster than its predecessor. The new design will be unveiled this July.

For more information please visit: hyperloop.warr.de


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