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The WARR Model Rocketry Workshop is a challenge that is offered in each winter semester by the WARR since 2005.
The event is for all students of all departments of the Technical University of Munich and should elate first-year students
for space technology, project work in the WARR and generally the work of an engineer. Additionally the participants should learn essential skills for their studies and work, like the ability to work in teams and the fundamentals of lightweight construction.

Every year 30-50 participants meet the following challenges:


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An unboiled chicken egg, class M, should be launched with an solid rocket motor to an altitude of approx. 150m and landed afterwards, without taking damage, at the ground. As assistance the participants visit a lecture with lecture notes, in which the fundamentals of passive rocket stabilization, parachute recovery, the treatment of GFRP/CFRP, the cold forming of plastics, the CAD software "SpaceCAD", as well as the fundamentals of solid rocket motors are taught to the participants.


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Afterwards the participants form Teams of 2-5 students in order to plan their project and build, within approx. 8 weeks, their model rocket.
The final of the workshop is a event were all the rockets of the teams compete with the others. The rockets are rated by the time of the flight,
flight stability, reusability of the rocket, mission objective (is the egg undamaged?) and the distance between launch and landing site.
This event normally takes place every year at the last Saturday before the Christmas holydays and is openly accessible and entertains an increasing amount of spectators.
As the last part of the workshop the participants present their work at the Christmas party of the WARR.

Summary of the Model Rocketry Workshop 2017

participants: 25 Newly-built rockets: 9 Launched rockets: 10 Missing Rockets: 0 Entertained spectators: about 50

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We believe the WARR Model Rocketry Workshop contributes not only something to the practical education of young students, conveying important soft skills, it also provides a huge motivation thrust by using the learned knowledge. In addition it is also an excellent contrast to the very theoretical lectures of the basic studies.


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